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Mustang Sound Pipe Delete

This is the Mustang Sound Pipe Delete (SPD) Kit.  Your 2011+ Ford Mustang has a rather ugly "Sound Enhancement Pipe" that the Ford engineers deemed to enhance your driving experience. The reality is that in a performance car, the pipe does very little to add any meaningful sound to the interior of the car. The effect, however is that this "fugly" pipe clutters up what is an otherwise attractive engine bay.

This kit includes everything you need to remove the pipe properly - including detailed, illustrated instructions. If you have a screwdriver, pair of pliars, and a 10mm wrench handy, the whole job will take you less than 5 minutes!

The kit includes a plug for the firewall, but it also includes a heavy duty grommet - shoul you want to run any wires through the firewall. You can pop the plug in place and then keep the grommet handy in case you want to use it to get wires from the cabin to the engine compartment. In addition to just a vinyl cap over the intake hole, we also provide an extended tail, stainless steel clamp. The extended tail design insures that the serrated clamp won't damage the cap and the stainless steel instead of the normal zinc plate will insure that it won't rust.

Unique Features:

  • Complete Kit - 5-minute installation time or less!.
  • Quality components - - High quality stainless clamp with extended tail design..
  • Illustrated instructions - 4-step start to finish instruction sheet

SPD Kit Includes:
  • Intake tube cap
  • Stainless steel hose clamp
  • Firewall plug
  • Firewall grommet
  • Illustrated instructions and warranty information





PRICE: $12.00



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