Jeep Always-Ready Flashlight Mount Kit


OK, you drive the world's best AND most versatile 4wd vehicle.  You are an outdoors person.  Odds are, you also help other motorists - because this is a characteristic very common in Jeep owners.  How many times have you needed a flashlight and you either couldn't find one ("where the heck did I put it?") or you find one - and the batteries are dead or dying?  It happens to a lot of us.  Enough is enough.  This mount lets you permanently install what just might be the world's best and most versatile flashlight in your Jeep - and virtually guarantees that you know EXACTLY where it is and it will be fully charged and READY TO GO!!    


I suppose I should start with an admission.  I have a flashlight fetish.... and I am also absolutely enamored with high-quality, robust products.  The intersection of these two obsessions is not as great as you might think.  We are all inundated with a lot of pure-crap flashlights.  They are everywhere and increasingly at check-out counters to accommodate impulse-buying traits.  Most of these flashlights are worth exactly what you pay for them.  The product here is at the opposite end of the spectrum.  It is a very high quality, robust, extremely highly rated flashlight that has the possibility to be your absolute favorite for a lifetime.  I hope to convince you.

The Nitecore R25 is our favorite all-time flashlight and we have a couple of them mounted in the shop and always ready-to-use.  There are some YouTube product review links that i have provided below to tell you everything you want to know about the R25.  Simply stated, it is a VERY good flashlight that is easy to use - with waterproof and drop-test ratings to substantiate its durability and, of course high-quality light output.

However, as great as the flashlight is, what additionally sets it apart is its secure, snap-in dock station.  This is a smart docking station and works in conjunction with the R25's Li-On battery to only charge the light when needed.  The flashlight snaps securely into the docking station very easily and a secure connection is communicated to you via a blinking blue light (charging) or a constant blue light (I'm docked and on stand-by).

What we did here at Cool Tech LLC is to build a mounting plate for the R25 dock.  The plate is pre-drilled to secure the dock to out mounting plate.  But WHERE you mount is also important and this is one of the cool features!  We advocate mounting the light using one of the hardtop mounting bolts.  In the JL, the position shown is directly adjacent to the JL's 12v port in the cargo area.  You can immediately simply plug-in the included 12v adapter and you are done.  The flashlight has a nice home, will be fully charged and ready to use when needed, and it will invite you to place it back into its "home" when you are done!  No more lost flashlights.  No more found flashlights with dead or dying batteries!  Those of you that want a more integrated/custom installation can relatively easily tap into the wires at the back of the OEM 12v port.  This will give you a more custom look and will free up the 12v port for other uses.

Shown in this pic is a prototype plate we build for angle and fitment validation.  Production base plates have a satin-black powdercoat finish. 

YouTube R25 Review 1

YouTube R25 Review 2


We now have these kits in stock and ready-to ship.  Our special Jeep-owner promo-package includes the following;

1) Our Jeep Mounting bracket.  Black powder-coated and made specifically for the R25 Dock

2) Stainless Steel mounting hardware

3) Nitecore R25 complete package - brand new shipment!

4) An extra docking station!  Mount one in the Jeep using our bracket and another one at home!!

Crazy-good package price for the bundle is $109 (While supplies last.)

Shipping Information: This R25 Mount Plate ships via USPS First Class Mail. Email for international or express shipping inquiries. 
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