RS Smart Phone Holder


This is a super-cool Smart Phone Mount for the Focus RS/ST.  We firmly believe in using what we sell and we believe that this is simply the best functional phone mount on the market for the RS/ST!

Having the ability to view and interact with your SmartPhone is a very strong convenience - especially as more and more driving apps are becoming available.  This mount is comprised of a super strong magnet (actually an array of 6 magnets) that will hold you SmartPhone at the best viewing angle for the driver.  But not only will it hold your SmartPhone, you can actually touch and interact with the phone while it is in the mount.  Leaving the car?  Just grab the phone and go.  No clumsy, ugly mounts to deal with. The mount is very firm and at just the right angle to be best-suited to the driver's line of sight.  Best of all, this mount utilizes strong 3M double-sided tape for mounting.  It takes approximately 1 minute to install and it can be romved at any time with no damage or marks left behind!

Having used (or tried to use!) literally dozens of phone mounts over the years, I was convinced that a "great mount" simply doesn't exist.  Phone mounts are comprised of two fundamental parts.  A mount-to-phone part and a mount-to-vehicle part.  When I first encounteredt the Koomus mount, I was immediately sold on their mount-to-phone capability.  Flawless!  Just place a ultra-thin wafer of metal between the back of your phone and the phone case (included), and bingo!, your phone will just "snap" onto this mount - held in place by 6 magnets.  (If you do not have a protective case on your SmartPhone, there's a second wafer included that can be adhered to the back of your phone - or used in a second phone!)  Anyway, as good as the Koomus "mount-to-phone" worked the "mount-to-car" options were really poor.  In fact, the nice strong magnet mount really shows the weaknesses of the vent mount and other options.  So, what we did at Cool Tech is to develp a really good, well-placed mount for the RS/ST and then marry the Koomus mount to it.  Perfection!  We're really confident that RS/ST owners will agree that this is their favorite mount!!

Note:  Check the compatibility of your SmartPhone with magnetic mounts before ordering.  We know this mount is compatible with all iPhones (as well as most other SmartPhones) but check on your phone before ordering!!

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