RS RDU Cooler


This is a cooler for the RS Rear Drive Unit (RDU).  The cooler has been designed to substantially increase the volume of air over the RDU thereby enabling better and more effective cooling of this critical component.

The reality is that the only means of cooling that the RDU has is from airflow across the cast cooling fins on the case.  Unfortunately, because of the rear suspension design/packaging, the RDU is up and out of the airflow and effectively shielded by a rear crossmember. (See picture 1.)  This Cool Tech RDU Cooler redirects a large volume of air and directs that flow across the RDU cooling fins - substantially improving the heat dissipation and cooling of the RDU.  The design of this cooler in both form and function has been derived from the Ford OEM transmission cooler introduced on the 2012 Boss 302 Laguna Seca models.  This Ford cooler was so effective it was widely sold for all Boss 302 Mustangs to cool the transmissions for better/longer track use.  Thermal control of the RDU is the Achilles heel of the Focus RS and over-heating of the RDU is what limits aggressive track sessions to 20 minutes per Ford's literature.  Over-heating is one of the primary contributors to component failure and breakdown of internal lubricants.   So even if you don't track your RS but you enjoy spirited, twisty road driving where the RDU is really having to work, this cooler can be some added insurance.  

Our RDU Cooler Kit ships complete with everything you will need for the installation.  The Cooler plate is formed from 14-gauge steel and then entirely powder coated.  The included fasteners are all stainless steel.  The kit employs two rivet nuts that are installed into existing holes in the crossmember.  The kit includes the two rivet nuts, a drill bit for precise hole sizing and a rivet nut installation tool, as well as stainless steel fastening hardware and aluminum spacers.

Installation of the RDU Cooler is straighforward with average installation time of less than 30 minutes.

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