RS Engine Oil Cooler Kit


This is an engine oil cooler designed and engineered exclusively for the Ford Focus RS.  This kit provides increased oil cooling capacity for the RS and utilizes one of the best (Setrab) heat exchangers available on the market.  The system incorporates a thermostatic control mechanism to insure that oil warm-up times and running temperatures are the same as OEM.

Your two most important buying criteria for an engine oil cooler kit should (in our opinion) be; 1) Does the cooler actually work to lower oil temps in harsh (track-driving) conditions, and;  2) is the overall efficiency of the kit sufficient (and documented) so that oil pressure is maintained for critical engine components AND such that stress on the oil pump does not exceed design limitations.  If you agree on these criteria, and believe in a kit with only top-quality components, then we believe we have the right solution for you.

Let's walk through the major components of our kit - and what we believe differentiate it from any other solutions.

Heat Exchanger:  At the core of our kit is a Setrab 172 heat exchanger.  Setrab is the leading name in race-proven heat exchangers and they have an unparralled reputation for quality and performance.  The 172 model is arguably one of the best coolers in Setrab's line-up with a published BTU capacity of 40,000-60,000 BTU per hour.  In conjuction with the massive cooling capability, the 172 has one of the lowest delta pressure drops (a measure of the cooler's flow efficiency) of just 0.8 psi.  Yes, just 8/10 of 1 PSI.  

Thermostatic Control:  Our kit includes a Setrab (MOCAL) thermostatic valve that will not route oil through our additional cooler until/unless oil reaches a temperature of 180F or more.  For colder climates, especially, this is a critical component.  Kits without thermostatic control may significantly elongate oil warm-up times and this is not good for internal engine components. 

Line Sizes, Fittings, and Line Lengths:  Our oil cooler kit uses all AN -10 lines, high-temperature woven-steel reinforced nylon braided hose.  Note that this hose - commonly used by motorsport racing teams, is 50% more expensive than old-school stainless braided hose.  All of our fittings are nickle plated and only one hose end is 90-degrees and the others are 45-degrees.  Also, because of the design and fitment of the cooler, our total hose length is a very short combined length of just under 68".  All of these attributes are engineered for maximum flow characteristics, lowest possible pressure drops,  and the least demands on the OEM oil pump.

Mounting and Hardware:  We take great pride in engineering robust OEM-like mounting solutions and with this RS kit we really believe we hit a homerun. It is important that heat exchangers (just like the car's radiator), are not rigidly mounted where the stress and vibrations through the chassis are transmitted to the comparitively weak heat exchanger.  Our Setrab 172 is mounted with robust rubber isolation cleverly using existing OEM mount points with no cutting or drilling.  

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