Ford GT Chargeport Float Charger Kit
      Ford GT Chargeport Float Charger Kit
      Ford GT Chargeport Float Charger Kit
      Ford GT Chargeport Float Charger Kit
      Ford GT Chargeport Float Charger Kit

      Ford GT Chargeport Float Charger Kit


      We've modified the infinitely popular Battery Tender charger kit so that it is easy to install in the Ford GT - in both 2005 models which typically have a screen in the nose and the 2006 models which don't have the screen.

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      We've modified the Battery Tender Jr kit to have a longer cable length so that you can easily mount this kit in a 2005 or 2006 Ford GT.  With this modified kit, the owner can select to mount the plug-in in one of 3 popular locations - or elect to not mount anything at all and just use the car's cigarette lighter port.  (We include the adapter with this kit.)

      You can locate (zip tie) the connector in the nose of the car near the OEM tow hook eye.  This is, perhaps the most "hidden" of the 3 possible locations.  Another alternative is to secure it to the black screen where the scoops in the front bonnet are.  While slightly more visible (if you were to look close), this location is easier to reach and no need to get on your hands and knees to plug it in.  A third location is to secure the end up near the bottom corner of the windshield on the driver's side.  This is the easies yet to reach/use - just be careful to stay clear of the windshield wiper mechanism.

      This customized kit will allow you to use any one of these 3 locations.

      Do I need the ChargePort Kit?

      • If you drive your GT frequently and seldom will let it sit for a week or more at a time, then you will likely not benefit from the ChargePort kit.  Your battery's life is enhanced as long as it is maintained at peak current capability levels. Frequent (weekly) driving will do this.
      • If, however, you plan to have occasional periods of inactivity of your Ford GT, then you should do something for battery maintenance.  The ChargePort is one such alternative.  We'd like to think it is the most convenient and best-engineered solution available at a reasonable price.

      How does the ChargePort Kit work?

      The Cool Tech ChargePort Kit is much more than a trickle/float charger. It has a brain. It's lightweight, compact, and fully automatic; very easy to use, especially in small spaces. It will keep your battery fully charged so that it is ready to go when you are!

      • Perfect for all lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM and gel cell).
      • Fully Automatic: At the end of the regular charger cycle, every Battery Tender battery charger automatically switches its output voltage to a safe, storage or float level that eliminates the need to constantly check on the conditions of the battery.
      • Automatically switches to float / maintenance voltage after fully charging the battery.
      • If the battery voltage drops too far under load, full charger output power resumes.
      • Solid state two color LED indicates stage of charger.
      • Zero Draw from Batteries: When the AC power is disconnected, the battery charger draws zero current from the battery.
      • Spark proof.
      • Reverse polarity protected.
      • 12' output cord.
      • 5 year manufacturer's warranty (Cool Tech adds a "no questions asked" free replacement with 2 years.)

      Why use a Battery maintainer at all, and why not use the one that came with the car?

      • In addition to an inconvenience when you least expect it, a dead battery poses some serious threats to your on-board car electronics.
        • A dead battery will cause your ECU to "forget" learned parameters such as short and long-range fuel trim values
        • Inappropriate charging of a dead battery can cause acid spill-overs that can damage paint and under-hood components
        • Incorrect jump-starting of a dead battery can cause voltage spikes that could be harmful to on-board electronics
        • Prolonged periods of inactivity can be harmful to battery life - causing more frequent replacement  That's why Ford included a charger with the GT
      • Cool Tech's ChargePort has a few advantages over the included Ford GT charger
        • The ChargePort is mounted on the exterior of the car so you don't need to leave windows open and drape power cords against the bodywork
        • The ChargePort can be mounted low to mitigate interference from car covers
        • The ChargePort's charging capability is a full 50% greater than the stock charger
        • The ChargePort charger has indicators for steady-state and charging - allowing you to know at a glance the current charge state of your battery
        • The ChargePort kit is not collectible - but many owners are preferring to keep the Factory  GT charger in its original un-used condition
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