Ford GT Transaxle Cooler

  • Factory mounting location, parallel and immediately adjacent to right side inlet scoop. (Maximum air flow and affectivity.)
  • Utilizes factory mounting locations - ABSOLUTELY no drilling, cutting, or other modifications needed to the GT


Bracket Pre-Drilled for Halon Fire Bottle
Line Fittings Option

Key Benefits

  • Factory mounting location, parallel and immediately adjacent to right side inlet scoop. (Maximum air flow and affectivity.)
  • Utilizes factory mounting locations - ABSOLUTELY no drilling, cutting, or other modifications needed to the GT
  • Uses large AN - 8 hose and fittings for maximum flow & cooling ability
  • Large heat exchanger specifically manufactured and tested for cooling heavier gear oil. (More surface area than other options.)
  • The best components throughout - from the Sweden-manufactured racing cooler, to all lines and fittings.  All top quality.

Key, Unique Differentiators

  • Can be completely self-installed.  Car does not have to be lifted, nor do any bottom pans need to be removed. Whether you do the install yourself, or you have someone else do it, this cooler will take much less time to install. Other solutions specify for you to check and fill transaxle fluid level after a cooler installation. This step requires that you lift the car (not easy on a GT) and you remove the bottom pan to get access to the check & fill ports of the transaxle. With the Cool Tech solution, we tell you the exact added capacity of the system and we provide a way to add the appropriate additional fluid during the installation.  This is a huge timesaver and prevents possible damage from lifting your GT and removing access pans. We will even ship you the oil you need!
  • In/Out flow direction matters.  With the Cool Tech kit, we specify the exact in/out connection on the cooler.  Any engineer or racer will tell you that for ideal affectivity, oil should flow in the bottom and out the top of a vertical oil cooler.  The vertical orientation of a cooler (as shown, above) is ideal for cooling efficiency
  • "Cool" line routing and stays.  Yes, it's a just a cooler and lines - but you want to route the lines and properly "fix" them so they do not continuously come in contact with other critical engine/drivetrain components.  With the Cool Tech kit, we spent a lot of time experimenting with different stays and attach points.  One small part of the line stays took us 2.5 hours on a lathe with raw aluminum hex stock to make a quantity of 20.  We spent a lot of time and attention (and labor) to get the stays done right - and lasting the lifetime of the car.
  • Testing:  Each line is custom cut to exact length for the GT. (No sloppy excess lines!) Ends are assembled on to the lines for a neat, custom apperance. 
  • Instructions and packaging:  The instructions are highly illustrated and structured for a self-install There are approximately 6 individual bags of parts in the kits.  Each install step directs you to the right bag and contents needed for that step.  The GT is a very rewarding car to work on!  
  • Despite supplier price increases, Cool Tech has maintained the introductory price but has rolled in the Ford GT-specific Transaxle Fluid and now includes the previously optional black line fittings at one low price of $995. (The fluid and line fittings were priced separately but virtually all orders opted for them, hence the new all-in-one price.) The Cool Tech cooler provides you a well-engineered, superior alternative to consider.

Do I need a Transaxle Cooler for my GT?

  • At Cool Tech, we think so... and we think Ford does too. On Ford Racing's website, they say a transaxle cooler is, "A must for aggressive driving and open track events.."   Likely we all have our own definition of "aggressive driving", but Ford did include this terminology in addition to limiting their recommendation to "tracked" cars.  But, let's be honest, if your GT is merely a weekend warrior and rarely sees spirited driving, you're probably fine without a cooler.  On the other hand, a cooler gives you that added safety factor and, in our opinion, adds back a component that Ford original intended for the GT (see below).
  • Next time you have your clamshell open, stand on the passenger side and lean in and look down just forward of the air cleaner assembly. You'll notice a short ~6" braided hose "looping" the transaxle fluid-out to the fluid-in.  It sure seems like Ford/Ricardo went through a lot of trouble to make a cooler an easy addition.
  • At 550 HP and 500 lb-ft torque, the GT is capable of generating a lot of therms!  A Cool Tech Transaxle Cooler will be doing it's job to protect vital drivetrain fluid and components.
  • In addition to being highly functional, the Cool Tech Cooler Kit looks cool.  Why not have the added performance capability and the extra piece of mind?
  • Finally, there's little reason not to.  The Cool Tech Transaxle Cooler Kit is completely reversible - not that we would anticipate anyone doing that. 

If you're still on the fence...

  • If you have any questions that haven't been answered here, please feel free to ask.  Send an e-mail to us a
SKU: GT07001
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