2015+ Mustang Roll Bar Kit


This is absolutely the best 4-pt bolt-in roll bar kit on the market for the 2015 Ford Mustang GT, GT350, or GT350R.  Featuring construction from SCCA-specified drawn over mandrel (DOM) tubing throughout with massive baseplate pods constructed from gusseted 3/16" steel.  Our roll bar kit does NOT require removal of the rear seat, but is compatible with rear seat delete kits as in the new GT350R.

Powdercoat Options

Many of you may be familiar with our roll bar kit for the previous generation (2005-2014) Mustangs.  That roll bar is still a best-in-class solution for those cars and in designing the roll bar for the new 2015, we took the engineering a few steps further!  Both a kicked-back horizontal harness bar and a main hoop diagonal (in-plane) are standard features on our new, 2015+ roll bar. The ONLY way to preserve full OEM seat movement is to kick the harness bar back.  Yes, it is harder and more expensive to manufacturer a bar kit this way, but it is the RIGHT way to develop a roll bar kit for this application.  Another unique feature of our roll bar kit is the focus we maintained on strength and install-ability.  We designed some massive baseplate pods that bolt into the car and which provide a foundation for the main hoop.  These bad boys bolt into the car and have been designed with a “foot” that sits atop the OEM high-strength steel lateral beam connecting both sides of the car.  This “foot” mitigates any sheer forces on the attachment bolts (all hardware in the kit is Grade 8) and instead transfers any vertical (downward) loads to the beam.  In a roll-over scenario – this equates to ultra-high strength.  With the baseplates in place the roll bar attaches to them using (4) Grade 8 bolts per side.

Our 2015+ Mustang roll bar kit will mount equally well with or without a rear seat in place – which means it works well for the GT, GT350, and GT350R with the OEM rear seat delete kit.  We worked hard to deliver a solution that “pierces” the plastic trim panels (one on each side) using a single hole and with no ugly additional cutting of these trim panels.  More importantly, it was imperative that we chose a mounting point for maximum strength/support for the downtubes.  These downtubes mount to a horizontal OEM reinforced section immediately below a vertical structure that contains the anchor point for the OEM rear seat shoulder belt harness.  The downtubes bolt down to the horizontal surface but then our plates have a kicked-up edge that butts up against the OEM vertical structure.  This is once again intended to mitigate sheer forces on the Grade 8 securing hardware in case of an impact.

From an aesthetics perspective, we believe that our roll bar is second to none.  The horizontal harness bar is kicked back to allow full movement of the driver’s seat at reasonable recline angles.  In addition to providing additional roll-over protection, the roll bar stiffens the chassis and provides an aggressive look within the Mustang.  We have paid careful attention to conform to the roofline and especially the transition from the vertical to horizontal elements.  OEM front seatbelts operation is unaffected and these belts should continue to be utilized for street driving. (We offer belt clips and a 6-pt customized harness on our website.)


The kits will ship complete with all needed hardware and complete color-illustrated install instructions. 

Unique Features:

  • Complete Bolt-in Kit! - Engineered exclusively for the 2015+ Ford Mustang GT/GT350/GT350R
  • Quality Materials - 1.75"  DOM Tubing throughout.
  • Fully Finished! - Choose from list of powdercoating options.

Cool Tech's Roll Bar Kit Includes:
  • Front mounting baseplate pods
  • Main Bar with harness bar & diagonal
  • Down Bars
  • Mounting brackets & Grade 8 hardware
  • Complete, illustrated instructions
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