UltraMount CB Antenna System
      UltraMount CB Antenna System
      UltraMount CB Antenna System
      UltraMount CB Antenna System
      UltraMount CB Antenna System
      UltraMount CB Antenna System

      UltraMount CB Antenna System


      The UltraMount Antenna Kit is a COMPLETE CB antenna solution with every element designed specifically for the new, 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK. There is no drilling of your body or sheet metal required!

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      If you are looking through our website, you'll find that we offer 3 CB/Ham antenna mounting kits.

      1. UltraMount Kit 

      This is the most OEM-like kit we have with the bracket and wiring completely concealed within the license plate assembly.  The only visible part of the install is the coupler that you screw your antenna into.

      2. GateMount Kit

      This is out tailgate-mounted antenna kit.  The bracket is made of 1/4" thick solid stainless steel.  It gives you both the best contact (for grounding) while also being resistant to rusting and corrosion.

      3. Firestik CB Antenna Kit

      This kit is intended for Jeeps where you already have a 1/2" hole mounting location.  Antenna mounts are often included as part of aftermarket bumpers or tire carriers. Consider this the "generic kit".


      This Cool Tech LLC UltraMount Kit is a COMPLETE CB antenna solution with every element designed specifically for the new, 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK. There is no drilling of your body or sheet metal required! (You will place a small hole in your plastic license plate assembly to facilitate attaching the antenna to the concealed UltraMount.)

      Everything you need is included and each part has been planned to facilitate an easy installation and years of trouble-free service. With traditional CB mounts, it is frequently a challenge to route the coax into the vehicle. Done improperly, this can cause leaks, wind noise and just plain ugly aesthetics. With the UltraMount, the mount and coax routing is COMPLETELY hidden. But routing an antenna coax is a pain too, right? Not so with the UltraMount. The routed end of the coax is shipped with a trick mini-UHF connector which is almost the same small diameter as the coax itself.  Follow the highly illustrated instructions (included) and route this coax end through a factory 2" grommet that is literally within a foot of where the UltraMount is mounted. After routing the coax up to the dash, simply screw the UHF to PL-259 adapter (included) onto the end of the coax.  NO SOLDERING!! The all stainless steel mount is completely contained within the license plate assembly. Traditional CB antenna mounts are exposed - increasing vulnerability to theft and mischief. Included in this complete kit is a very unique, completely hidden CB antenna mount, a FireStik FL-4 4' fiberglass antenna (with tunable tip), 18' coax and connectors, and detailed instructions for installing it in your new 2007-2017 Wrangler. The mount fits all 2-door and 4-door 2007+ Wranglers!

      UltraMount is a blend of a superior design with top quality components. All aspects of the UltraMount have been carefully engineered for ease of installation and years of reliable service.

      The UltraMount Kit is in stock

      Shipping Information: The UltraMount Kit ships via FedEx Ground. Email sales@cooltechllc.com for international or express shipping inquiries. 

      Unique Features:

      • Stainless Steel Bracket - Some vendors offer brackets in less expensive steel construction with a powder coated finish. The problem with quality powder coats is that they are a very effective insulator. Fundamentally, an antenna bracket needs to provide a good conduct to ground. The UltraMount's all stainless construction combines superior conductivity along with proven longevity.
      • The UltraMount is a complete kit. You do not have to shop separately for a mount, mounting hardware, coax, and antenna and then hope everything works well together. Some antenna are too heavy for some mounts and other antennas may be too thin and can "wag" continuously when your jeep is at speed. The UltraMount kit is packaged with one of FireStik's most recent antennas and has been tested under all conditions on a Jeep Wrangler JK.
      • The included Firestik antenna is a state-of-the-art 4' fiberglass shaft antenna with a tunable tip. With the UltraMount kit you can tune the SWR reading to a very, very low level allowing you to get the maximum range from your CB. (Note: If you prefer to use an antenna you already have, select the "No Ant." option when ordering and we will credit $10 back to your method of purchase prior to shipping.)
      • The best coax & connectors - Often times, mounting the antenna is only half the battle with traditional antenna installations. A challenging task is to find a suitable location to route the antenna wire and to thread it through sometimes challenging areas. This has been solved with the UltraMount. On one end of the cable you have FireStik's revolutionary FireRing. On the opposite end, the coax has a mini-UHF connector. Route the coax using the supplied instructions (super easy!) and simply screw on the supplied PL-259 adapter. No Soldering!
      • Speaking of coax routing - both the antenna bracket and the coax routing are completely concealed. There is a much reduced chance of vandalism or an unlucky contact with a tree branch, brush or shrub while 4-wheeling.
      • Ideal Mounting Location - The UltraMount locates the antenna in an ideal, factory-like location. When you decide to upgrade your Wrangler with aftermarket bumpers, tire carriers, racks, etc., you can be assured that your CB mount won't get in the way.
      • Detailed, highly color- illustrated instructions - Each UltraMount is shipped with detailed, highly illustrated instructions. Mounting your new antenna and routing the cable up to your CB should take no more than 30 minutes!


      Package Includes:

      • Unique, completely hidden, TIG-welded stainless steel CB antenna mount
      • FireStik FL-4 4' fiberglass antenna (with tunable tip)
      • 18' coax and connectors.  FireRing on Antenna-end (pre-mounted to aid installation) and a mini-UHF connector on the other end
      • Detailed instructions 


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