Fire Extinguisher Mounting Kit
      Fire Extinguisher Mounting Kit
      Fire Extinguisher Mounting Kit
      Fire Extinguisher Mounting Kit

      Fire Extinguisher Mounting Kit


      When you need access to a Fire Extinguisher, you need it fast!  This mounting kit includes our JL-specific mounting bracket and H3R's military-grade mount as shown.  While many 3" Dia  fire extinguisher will work, we recommend H3R's MX250R (red) or MX250B (black).  (We cannot sell the fire extinguisher because of HAZMAT shipping restrictions.) When the fire extinguisher is needed, simply pull the clearly labeled release flag and the extinguisher is in your hands!  No fumbling with rattle-prone brackets or twice-wrapped straps, just pull and release!

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      Our JL-specific Fire Extinguisher kit includes our custom, JL-specific bracket and H3R's excellent military-grade mounting bracket.  HAZMAT shipping restrictions make it very difficult for us to offer the fire extinguisher. 

      Note: Our bracket is ONLY compatible with the 4-door 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL and it will work with both the hardtop and soft top configurations.

      With our JL-specific bracket, along with the H3R mount  with quick release pin & pull strap, the fire extinguisher is mounted up and out of the way - yet super easy and straightforward to access in case of an emergency.  Pull the clearly identified strap, and the fire extinguisher will release into your hands, ready to use.  This kit comes with the bracket and mount - just order the fire extinguisher in the color of your choice from your favorite retailer - (Amazon, Summit Racing, etc.)

      Our base plate has been designed to accept H3R's military-grade NB300 mount.  Our base plate is finished in a satin black powdercoat and is pre-drilled and threaded. This base plate includes (8) stainless steel button-head fasteners so you can easily attach the NB300 to our base.  The NB300 has a clearly marked pull-strap connected to a single stainless steel pin.  No fuss, no muss, the fire extinguisher releases quickly and is ready for use!

      In an emergency, time matters!  You may not be the person retrieving the fire extinguisher - so the release needs to be straightforward, fast, and easy.  When mounted, the assembly needs to be strong and rattle-free.  All of this has been accomplished with our kit.  


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