Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator GMRS All-in-One Kit


This is our Jeep Wrangler GMRS complete All-in-One Kit with Midland's powerful, remote mountable MXT275.  This kit includes everything you need to add a complete GMRS radio solution to your JL!  Simply choose if you prefer our Cool Tech rear-mount antenna bracket or our new, front-mount bracket. SAVE $60!

Jeep GMRS Bundle Options

This is our Jeep Gladiator/Wrangler All-in-One GMRS Kit where we provide you the easiest shopping experience (get everything at once - and insure it all works together) and by choosing the bundle you save more that $60 compared to individual prices! 

In our opinion, this is simply the best bang-for-the-buck two-way radio communication system that you can install into your Wrangler JL.  This package starts with the Midland MXT275 GMRS Radio - with all of the controls right on the microphone.  The MXT275 incorporates a powerful 15-watt transmitter.  Unlike CB which is AM and at 27 MHz (introduced in the 1950's), this is a modern, UHF FM transceiver.  Communication distance and clarity of signal is just hands-down better than CB.  Whereas many conditions will result in a CB communication range of 2-3 miles, the GMRS radios can handle 20-30 MILE communication!  It's a BIG difference!  Anyway, back to this kit...

A REALLY COOL option of this radio is that you can mount it remotely!  Yes, hide the brain up under the dash and out of sight and then use the Remote Mount Cable (included in this bundle) to connect the all-in-one microphone/speaker.  Of course, the kit also includes our super-popular Mic Mount that has been made specifically for your Wrangler/Gladiator!  The Mic Mount angles the display (and combination microphone/speaker) toward the driver for the best visibility & sound.

This bundle also includes Midland's best 6db gain 32" whip antenna, as well as Midland's best coax.  The coax is really special because the bulky radio-end removes allowing you to route the cable through the smallest of holes.  Also, we have your back when it comes to the length of the coax.  If you order this bundle with our Rear-Mount stainless steel bracket, we include 19.5' (6 Meters) of coax - enough to get from the tailgate of a 4-door Wrangler to the front center dash.  If you order with our Front-Mount stainless steel bracket, then we reduce the cable length to 12' so you don't have a bunch of excess wire to deal with.

To you Gladiator owners, you'll want to stick with our Front-Mount Antenna bracket - which is a great solution for Wrangler owners as well.  Unlike other brackets that only have one mounting location, our Front-Mount Antenna Bracket can be mounted on the cowl - close to the a-pillar (see picture of blue Jeep), or it can be mounted about 10" forward of that... and you choose either side of the Jeep.  So, you have 4 possible mounting locations!  Wrangler owners - you can optionally choose our more-traditional rear-mount bracket.  This mounts to your hinge bolts - but it has custom-manufactured spacers so it will not touch or harm your new paint!!

Now, this kit includes everything.... but there's one additional item you may choose to add to your cart.  This is Midland's new 3.5" tall "Ghost" antenna.  The really nice thing about the NMO mount standard is that it is simple to swap antennas.  We like the new Ghost antenna a lot.  We think it is a great antenna that blends-in on your Jeep and when you need to have the maximum range performance, you can swap on the 6db 32" whip antenna that is already included in this kit.  Trust me, we were so tempted to include the Ghost antenna in this bundle, but we know not everyone will want two antennas. 

To make your GMRS more enjoyable and practical, please consider to add a pair of Midland's GXT1000 hand-held radios.  These radios have a full 5-watts of transmit power and are a great compliment to this GMRS mobile unit.

Please share your GMRS experience with your fellow Jeep and off-road friends.  If you have ever used a CB, you're just going to be blown-away with the HUGE difference this system provides!  At Cool Tech, we're on a mission to help the off-road community to transition from CB to GMRS.  It's time.  Even Jeep is on-board having announced that the 2021 Jeep Jamboree will, for the first time in history, be using GMRS and not CB.  If you have friends or are part of a club and you get 3 or more people interested to get a GMRS system, please email us at to see if we can put together a package for you!

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