JL Wrangler and Gladiator LED Light Fix
      JL Wrangler and Gladiator LED Light Fix

      JL Wrangler and Gladiator LED Light Fix


      This is a kit that prevents battery drain on towed Jeeps that have OEM LED lights. Compatible with ALL tow harness kits.

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      The NHTSA requires that automotive OEMs provide the capability to alert drivers when a rear tail light is out.  Historically, this was relatively easy because the OEM could just incorporate logic to test continuity across the light bub.  If the filament was good, there would be continuity and if the filament broke, there is no continuity.  Simple.  However, with the advent of LED bulbs, it gets a lot trickier.  On your LED-equipped Wrangler/Gladiator, there is an additional wire in the rear light circuit that connects back to the Body Control Module (BCM) whose function is to inform the BCM if the LED light is functioning.

      When you add a tow wiring harness - regardless of type or brand (including MOPAR's harness), the LED-status wire will report back to the BCM which, unfortunately causes the Jeep to wake-up out of a sleep mode.  When awake, the Jeep has a 3-6 amp hour battery draw.  If you tow for 3-4 hour or more -  especially if your lights are on and/or you are using your turn signals, the Jeeps stays in this awake-state and your battery will be drained.  

      Again, this problem will occur on all LED-equipped JL's and JT's and regardless of what tow harness is being used.  This kit is almost trivial to install when you are also installing our Tow Harness kit as it shares virtually the same installation process.  If you are using our harness kit, this kit will add a second switch - immediately adjacent to the existing Cool Tech switch.  If you are using the Mopar Tow Harness Kit or any of the generic kits, this kit will add a switch under the front passenger seat - visible only when the door is open.

      In Stock Now!  (For Cool Tech Harness owners - a new dual-switch bracket will ship by mid-October, but the rest of the kit will ship immediately.) 

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