Gladiator/Wrangler Front Antenna Mount


This is Cool Tech's newest CB/GMRS/HAM antenna mount for 2018+ Wranglers and 2019+ Gladiators!  Supports 4 different mounting locations.

Front Bracket Options

We are really excited to introduce our new front antenna mount... providing another antenna mount location for Wrangler owners and arguably the best antenna mount solution for Gladiator owners.  Like all of our other antenna mounts, this mount is entirely stainless steel.  It can be mounted to either to the left or right side of your Jeep - that's your option.  Also, you can mount it using either cowl screw - the forward one or the one closer to the a-pillar.  This gives you a choice of 4 different mounting locations!  (See pictures.) Or, you may choose to mount a CB antenna on one side and a GMRS antenna on the other side.  We believe that this is the best front antenna mount, AND it has to be one of the very easiest mounts to install.

This mount has been carefully engineered.  Our primary objective was to create the best, highest performance, most aesthetic mount for Midland's MXTA26 6db GMRS antenna.  It is a perfect match for this antenna - as can be seen from the photos.  However, we have also tested it with the Firestik Firefly 3' antennas (the only model CB antennas we sell) and the performance is outstanding.  So, if you are looking for an excellent GMRS mount, HAM mount, or a CB antenna mount, this is a great solution.

Let's cover some details.  The mount has been engineered to NOT have any contact with your Jeep's paint.  You can see that the bottom edge of the mount fits snugly in the cowl's body seam.  The mount has a protective edge sleeve that centers it in the body seam and doesn't allow it to contact any painted surfaces.  This mounting technique provides excellent fore/aft rigidity and it is what allows the mount to fasten to the Jeep with a single (stainless steel) fastener in an existing location.  NO drilling or tapping is required.  Installation time is 5 minutes or less from start to finish!

The mount utilizes a standard 1/2" hole to accommodate virtually all CB antenna mounts.  When ordering this mount for use with an NMO-style mount (for the Midland GMRS and Ham radio antennas), we have a "kit" comprised of a sleeve and a specialized spacer that allows you to use Midland's MXTA24 Low Profile Coax with the NMO connector.  Upon ordering, you will be presented with 3 options as follows;

  1. The bracket and mounting hardware - Order this if you plan to use it to mount your CB antenna - or if you want to modify it yourself for an NMO mount - $29
  2. The bracket with our exclusive 12' Midland coax cable w/removeable end and NMO mount - Order this if you plan to use with a MXTA26 or another Ham or GMRS NMO antenna mount - $65
  3. The bracket with our exclusive 12' Midland coax cable + Midland's MXTA26 6db GMRS antenna - $99

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