Wrangler JL CB Antenna Bracket
      Wrangler JL CB Antenna Bracket
      Wrangler JL CB Antenna Bracket

      Wrangler JL CB Antenna Bracket


      This is a stainless steel antenna bracket for the new, 2018+ Wrangler JL and includes the JL-unique all stainless mounting bracket, and stainless steel mounting hardware.


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      It was our objective to make it appear as if our stainless steel bracket is mounted against the painted surface of your tailgate hinge.  The reality is that with our unique design, the bracket has ~3/32" of clearance from your hinge so it will not touch or harm the paint of your new JL!

      Why stainless?  It is VERY important that your antenna achieves a good RF ground at the point where it mounts.  If you are using a powdercoated bracket, the RF ground that you can achieve is compromised - so powdercoating is out.  If we give you a non-painted steel bracket, it will corrode and rust.  Therefore, stainless steel is a must!

      And brackets don't have to be boring!  Inspired by the numerous small Jeep history "tells" throughout the JL, we incorporated a unique design with our bracket to help further set your Jeep apart.  

      This is the bracket & mounting hardware only.  If you are looking for a COMPLETE solution that includes the coax and your choice of antenna color (and length), see our JL Antenna Kit.

      The mount fits all 2-door and 4-door 2018+  JL Wranglers!

      The JL CB Antenna Bracket is IN STOCK!

      Unique Features:

      • Stainless Steel Bracket - Some vendors offer brackets in less expensive steel construction with a powder coated finish. The problem with quality powder coats is that they are a very effective insulator. Fundamentally, an antenna bracket needs to provide a good connection to ground. Our JL Bracket is all stainless steel construction combines superior conductivity along with proven longevity.
      • Installation instructions - Each JL Antenna Bracket is shipped with detailed instructions to help you mount the bracket to your new JL.

      Package Includes:

      Unique, creative, stainless steel CB antenna bracket
      Stainless steel hardware and aluminum spacers
      Detailed instructions 


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