Midland Low Profile NMO Coax Cable
      Midland Low Profile NMO Coax Cable
      Midland Low Profile NMO Coax Cable

      Midland Low Profile NMO Coax Cable


      This is Midland’s new, low profile NMO antenna coax and it works perfectly with the Cool Tech NMO Antenna mount and Midland's 6db 32" whip antenna!

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      This is one of the best NMO antenna cables that we have ever used.  We like it a lot because the NMO mount will allow mounting in a wide range of thicknesses.  You can drill a hole in the body of your 4x4 and the mount will work fine but this mount can also be attached to specialty mounting brackets that are 1/8” in thickness.  Most NMO mounts require a ¾” hole (that is the NMO standard), but this mount will work equally well with just a 3/8” diameter hole.

      Midland has really thought about the installation process as well.  The PL-259 connector for the radio easily removes to reveal a mini-UHF connector.  This feature allows you to route the cable much more easily and then you just re-install the PL-259 connector once the installation is complete.

      This cable works perfectly with Midland’s new 6db Gain whip antenna.

      This low profile antenna cable is an excellent match for Midland’s new range of MICROMOBILE radios including the 15-watt MXT275 and the incredibly powerful 40-watt MXT400.  When you combine one of these MICROMOBILE radios with this coax, 6db antenna, and one of our Cool Tech NMO antenna mounts & your range will be unparalleled!

      With the introduction of our new front-mount antenna bracket for 2018+ Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators, we are now offering this cable in a 10' length.  There is a $15 up-charge for this shorter cable as we need to modify the cable in-house and retain the clever, removeable end-piece so that the cable can be easily routed through small holes.  You can choose to cut and shorten the cable yourself after routing although this may be more involved for some users.  Whatever option you choose, be careful NOT to coil excess cable as this will be detrimental to the performance of your antenna.

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