Midland’s incredibly powerful 40-watt MXT400 GMRS Radio with 10x the transmit power of a CB!

Welcome to the world of GMRS!  This is the monster of GMRS radios with a small form factor yet boasting a full 40 watts of transmit power which is 10x the legal limit of CB radios.  But it’s just not the transmit power that gets you SIGNIFICANT range over a CB radio.  GMRS is also FM and not AM like CB.  FM is less prone to interference than AM and FM will have better sound quality due to a higher bandwidth.  (Most people have experienced the sound quality difference listening to an AM radio station versus an FM radio station.)

The MXT400 is very reasonably sized especially given its hefty transmit power an is easy to mount with its included bracket.  This powerful radio with a good 6db antenna will give you realistic talking distances of greater than 15-20 miles or more.  In similar terrain, the range of a CB to CB transmission may be as low as 1-2 miles.

Another added feature of the GMRS radios is that hand-held versions are inexpensive and can be used to communicate with your MICROMOBILE unit – whether you are on the trail communicating with a spotter or you want to communicate with a friend/family member when you are running around at home. We highly recommend the additional value, practical usage, and enjoyment that can be gained by adding a pair of these high-powered handhelds to your order.

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