JL/JT Tow Harness Kit
      JL/JT Tow Harness Kit
      JL/JT Tow Harness Kit
      JL/JT Tow Harness Kit

      JL/JT Tow Harness Kit


      This is a Tow Harness Wiring Kit that has been designed exclusively for the 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL 4-Door, and 2-door, and all trim levels.  FULLY compatible with LED Light Package & Blind Spot Monitor options!  Now, fully verified to work in the 2019+ Jeep Gladiator!  Once installed, this kit will allow the tow vehicle (most typically an RV) to control the Jeep’s turn signals, brake lights, and running lights.  

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      Cool Tech LLC has been manufacturing and selling Jeep Wrangler Tow Wiring harnesses since 2006 and we are proud that many if not most towed Wrangler JK’s (2007-2018) are using one of our products.  We have put that 12+ years of familiarity and know-how together in designing a Tow Wiring harness exclusively for the 2018+ Wrangler JL & Jeep Gladiator.

      Perhaps one of the most frequent question we get from customers is if the Tow Wiring harness is protected using diodes – as no one wants to have back-feeding problems to either the Jeep’s (increasingly complex) wiring or back-feeding to the RV.  Our new solution for the JL is one better than that!  The analogy that I prefer is in the IT security world (especially with the US military) – and this is the notion of “air gapped”.  In the security world, you can talk about all of the precautions, processes, detection and intervention protocols, etc…  and the military will just smile at you and insist that the solution is air-gapped.  NO physical connections to non-secure environments.  We’ve done the same with our new JL-exclusive Tow Wiring solution.  It’s air-gapped.  There is simply no need to have any conversations about the "amount" or "level" of isolation, if the Jeep electronics are protected sufficiently, or if there can be back-feeding to the RV.  It can’t happen. 

      For those of you well versed on the topic, there’s also a vulnerability that almost ALL diode-based solutions have…. and that is when both the Jeep and the RV want to send a DIFFERENT signal to a tail light at the SAME time.  The most common case is when the RV is trying to blink a turn signal…. but an on-board braking device activates the Jeep’s brake lights and that turn signal stops blinking in favor of being on continuously (brake).  Ahhh, but some people will say to disconnect the Jeep’s battery.  But the on-board brake suppliers want the battery to power the braking device.  We’ve solved ALL of that!

      The best solution are often times the simplest.  We’ve achieved an air-gapped solution by using a switch.  An easy-to understand concept.  EITHER the Jeep is connected to its tail lights OR the MH is connected to the tail lights.  Never both.  No chance for back-feeds.  No chance for one signal to override another.  Further, no more complaints about dim taillights due to the inefficiency and inconsistent quality of  diodes.  We've made it simple.  The Jeep is connected to the tail lights OR the Motorhome is.

      Our kits come with a 6-pin connector for the front of the Jeep (despite that we only need 4).  In this way, our customers can add a Jeep Battery charging device so that the auxiliary braking device does not deplete the battery.  In summary, we are very Aux Braking device compatible.

      We wish we could be plug and play but Jeep made life a little difficult in that regard.  The good part is that all of our connections are made in the same area (no running from one side of the Jeep to the other), are within the interior of the Jeep, and we supply only OEM-like quality heat-shrink butt connectors that are full sealed and that use an adhesive to bond with the wire insulation to make a robust, lifetime connection.  The kit includes a JL-specific bracket to locate our air-gap device (ok, it’s a switch) to the outboard edge of the passenger seat frame so that it is easily accessible.  We’ll get you EASILY to the outside of the Jeep with a fully-sheathed harness without having to drill a single hole!

      Here's a video of the installation process: Install Video

      We are offering the new 2018+ JL kit in (2) different kit forms.  A Basic Kit is for those of you that may already have different components of a towing solution that you like and want to re-use, such as an umbilical cord, or very specific battery charging system - or if you do not intend to utilize an auxiliary braking device. Then we offer a Deluxe Kit that includes some additional content as noted below.  Please choose the kit that is right for you!

      Unique Product Features

      • Designed exclusively for the 2018+ Wrangler JL (All models & Trims)
      • Completely Isolated Design - No interference, back-feeding, or conflict of signals
      • Fully compatible with Auxillary Braking Devices
      • Top Components used through-out the Kit
      • Detailed, illustrated instructions

      Basic Kit Package Includes:

      • All in-cabin wiring; Isolator Switch; Unique Mounting Bracket
      • Fully sheathed harness to get from Jeep interior to front bumper area
      • Pre-punched grommet to use in existing hole to get to Jeep exterior
      • Heavy Duty 6-pin Round Female Socket
      • Socket mounting bracket

      Deluxe Kit Adds: (Recommended)


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