Wrangler JL CB Antenna Kit
      Wrangler JL CB Antenna Kit
      Wrangler JL CB Antenna Kit
      Wrangler JL CB Antenna Kit
      Wrangler JL CB Antenna Kit

      Wrangler JL CB Antenna Kit


      This is a complete CB Antenna Kit for the new, 2018+ Wrangler JL and includes the JL-unique all stainless mounting bracket, stainless hardware, Firestik coax (see below), and Firestik Antenna - your choice of 3' or 4'!


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      This is a premier CB Antenna Kit for the 2018+ Wrangler JL and it includes everything you need to have a high-quality, adjustable tip, name-brand (Firestik), antenna on your new Wrangler JL!  The bracket is fabricated from stainless steel and includes unique, stainless steel mounting hardware.  Why stainless?  It is VERY important that your antenna achieves a good RF ground at the point where it mounts.  If you are using a powdercoated bracket, the RF ground that you can achieve is compromised - so powdercoating is out.  If we give you a non-painted steel bracket, it will corrode and rust.  Therefore, stainless steel is a must! And brackets don't have to be boring!  Inspired by the numerous small Jeep history "tells" throughout the JL, we incorporated a unique design with our bracket to help further set your Jeep apart.  But, make no mistake, this kit has well thought-out, high quality components throughout. 

      We've discussed the bracket, so let's take a look at the unique qualities of the coax.  On the "antenna end" you will find Firestik's unique and compact FireRing connector.  It has a very low, modern and professional profile and it is less susceptible to the elements compared to traditional connectors.  On the "CB end" you need something as small as possible so that you can route it in through the tailgate and up to the dash area of the Jeep.  This is virtually impossible to do with a traditional (large) PL-259 connector.  Our coax uses a small diameter mini-UHF connector that can be easily routed.  Once the cable is up at the CB, simply thread on the included mini-UHF to PL-259 adapter! 

      Moving on to the antenna, your kit will include either a 3' or 4' Firestik FireFly antenna.  This is one of Firestik's newest antennas and it is lighter and more flexible than older antennas - but it won't "wag" when going down the freeway.  All of these Firestik antennas have an adjustable tip so you can adjust them for maximum performance! On our JL Rubicon with 35" tires and a Mopar 2.5" lift, the tip of the 4' antenna is at 96" from the ground.  For a stock height Rubicon on stock tires, the tip would be ~ 92-93".  Of course if you select the 3' antenna option, each of these heights would be ~12" shorter. The mount fits all 2-door and 4-door 2018+  JL Wranglers! The JL CB Antenna Kit is IN STOCK!

      NOTE for CANADA Customers:  The dimensions of the antenna box preclude us from shipping USPS International First Class, and the least expensive shipping alternative is USPS International Priority at $35-$40.  Please order from our website but expect that we will invoice you for an additional $20-$25 shipping difference.  (We're too clueless to make the website collect this automatically.  Maybe one day...)

      Unique Features:

      • Stainless Steel Bracket - Some vendors offer brackets in less expensive steel construction with a powder coated finish. The problem with quality powder coats is that they are a very effective insulator. Fundamentally, an antenna bracket needs to provide a good conduct to ground. The JL Mount is all stainless construction combines superior conductivity along with proven longevity.
      • This is a complete kit. You do not have to shop separately for a mount, mounting hardware, coax, and antenna and then hope everything works well together. Some antennas are too heavy for some mounts and other antennas may be too thin and can "wag" continuously when your jeep is at speed.
      • The included Firestik antenna is a state-of-the-art 4'  (or 3' as a no-cost substitution) fiberglass shaft antenna with a tune-able tip. 
      • The best coax & connectors - Often times, mounting the antenna is only half the battle with traditional antenna installations. A challenging task is to find a suitable location to route the antenna wire and to thread it through sometimes challenging areas. This has been solved with our JL kit. On one end of the cable you have FireStik's revolutionary FireRing. On the opposite end, the coax has a mini-UHF connector. Route the coax using the supplied instructions (super easy!) and simply screw on the supplied PL-259 adapter. No Soldering!
      • Ideal Mounting Location - The JL Antenna  Kit locates the antenna in an ideal, factory-like location that won't wag and hit your hardtop nor will it interfere with your spare tire.
      • Illustrated instructions - Each JL Antenna Kit is shipped with detailed instructions to help you mount the antenna.

      Package Includes:

      Unique, creative stainless steel CB antenna mount

      Firestik FL-4 4' fiberglass antenna with tunable tip. (3' Antenna as a no-cost option)

      18' coax and connectors.  FireRing on Antenna-end and a mini-UHF connector on the other end

      Detailed instructions 


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