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      The Lube Mover is an ideal solution for ADDING fluid to transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials. 

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      Those of you that work on your vehicle and potentially those of others are well aware of the challenges to re-fill transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials with high viscosity fluid. The tradional approach is to either try to squirt the fluid in or pump it in. The "squirt" method is tiresome and potentially very messy - especially if you have to attach a small hose to the lubricant bottle. The pump method is equally tiresome and often the pump may not be the correct fit for the bottle of lubricant that you are tring to add. Well, the Lube Mover from Cool Tech solves all of that. Simply poor the fluid that you want to add to your vehicle into the Lube Mover. Place the hose of the Lube Mover into the fill hole, and give the Lube Mover 4-5 pumps. Release the (included) pinch valve and watch the fluid easily move into the drivetrain! No fuss, no muss! When the drivetrain component is full, you can alternatively close the pinch valve to stop the flow or you can release the pressure valve on the Lube Mover. Easy! The Lube Mover can also be used to store your gear lubricant until the next time you need to use it! You won't believe how easy it is to add lubricant and you'll wonder how you ever managed without the Lube Mover!

      Unique Features:

      • Translucent Bottle - Easily see fill level.
      • Fully assembled. Take it out of the box and use it!
      • Pinch valve and pressure release valve to stop/regulate flow easily!


      Package Includes:

      • Lube Mover
      • Ready-to-use! 

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