Ford GT Oil Drain Care & Convenience Kit
      Ford GT Oil Drain Care & Convenience Kit

      Ford GT Oil Drain Care & Convenience Kit


      The ultimate 05-06 Ford GT oil drain care and convenience package.  We highly recommend installing these components at your next oil change.  These components not only make the oil change process a whole lot more convenient, but they also provide added protection for your car.

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      The Ford GT uses 3 oil plugs - all of which need to be removed for a complete oil change.  One of these plugs is located at the bottom of the large aluminum oil reservoir. We strongly advocate using the supplied Fumoto valve for this location. Having performed a few HUNDRED Ford GT oil changes, we often see that this drain bolt has been over-torqued.  This is likely a genuine problem of over-torquing but is also exacerbated by the heat/cool cycles and the different expansion rates of the aluminum threads and the steel drain plug. When trying to remove this drain plug, too much force can actually cause the soft aluminum threaded bung to twist which can be a disaster.
      With the Fumoto valve, you will never have to worry about twisting the threaded bung and/or the potential compromising of the bottom of the reservoir. This is the primary reason we advocate the use of the drain valve.  The second reason is one of pure convenience.  The drain plug is in an awkward location and it is often difficult to get a pan underneath it because the car is most frequently on a 4-post lift.  With our kit, we include a short piece of hose so you can easily drain the oil right into the drain pan.  We also provide a small squeeze clamp because we know some of you will want to leave this drain tube in place.  For others, you may want to remove the drain tube and keep it with your oil or funnel so you can use it the next time.  For you, we've also included a black dust cap that you can fit over the end of the valve between changes.
      The other two drain plugs are incorporated into the shallow cast GT oil pan - directly beneath the crank.  For these two locations, we like to see the inclusion of a magnetic drain plug.  If you are going to run a magnetic drain plug why would you not want the strongest one offered? Neodymium magnets are the strongest of the rare earth magnets and are the strongest permanent magnets in the world.  These strong magnets will attract and retain any of the rotating mass metals within you engine oil.  An excellent safeguard!

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