Ford GT Gas Struts - Rear
      Ford GT Gas Struts - Rear

      Ford GT Gas Struts - Rear


      These are the highest quality 2005-2006 Ford GT replacement gas struts for the rear clamshell, manufactured by the World's market-leader in automotive gas struts. Price is for a PAIR of struts.

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      These replacement Ford GT gas struts are manufactured by the world's market leader in automotive gas struts.  We service a LOT of Ford GTs and most of the cars we see are in need of new clamshell struts.  In many cases, the rear clamshell will no longer stay open without someone holding them and in other cases, the clamshell will stay upright but even the smallest breeze will cause it to slam shut!  If you order replacement struts through Ford, you will discover that they were made at the same time as the original gas struts and in our recent experience they are often as weak as the ones we are replacing. In contrast, our gas strut is of a heavier duty design - incorporating a stronger rod and more robust cartridge design.  Most importantly, ALL of our struts are less than a month or two old and will operate at full strength for years to come.

      Installation is very straightforward and can be performed by Ford GT owners - restoring the original opening assist and stay-open holding force as specified by Ford when the cars were new - some 15 years ago!  As part of the improved design, our strut uses a 10mm ball stud at both ends of the strut.  As such, our kit ships with two ball stud brackets which are installed after removing the OEM 8mm ball stud.   All that is needed for installation is a small flat-blade screwdriver to release the old struts and a 13mm open end wrench to both remove the 8mm ball stud and to install our 10mm ball stud bracket.  The price includes BOTH gas struts as well as the GT-specific brackets.


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