Hopkins Coiled Umbilical Cable
      Hopkins Coiled Umbilical Cable

      Hopkins Coiled Umbilical Cable


      This is the best-constructed, highest quality, 6-pin Round to 7-Pin umbilical cord that we could find. Stretches to 8' 

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      We believe this is the best 6-pin (Jeep side) to RV (7-pin) umbilical cord on the market.  It is nice and coiled but can stretch to a full 8' in length.  It has molded end connectors on each end that incorporate a day-glow light that lets you know it is connected.  Our Wrangler/Gladiator tow harness kit includes a heavy duty cast metal 6-pin connector for your Jeep.   When you want to tow your Jeep, simply connect this coiled umbilical between the Jeep and your RV and you're good to go!

      This premium quality umbilical cord is included as part of or JL Deluxe Tow Wiring Harness Kit.

      Please note that this umbilical cord maps the BRAKE signal from the 7-pin (RV side) to the center pin at the 6-pin (Jeep side).  Make sure that you Jeep-side wiring is done accordingly.

      SKU: RM18RMUMB

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